Benefits for companies

The right choice of Candidate is a prerequisite for the efficient performance of the whole company, its reliable income and increase of employee loyalty. Making the wrong choice can cause high staff turnover or a lack of appropriately skilled employees.

The best specialists

Direct access to the successful and great specialists


Using all resources of agency.
Candidate selection upon your request within the shortest time period

Professional selection

Our goal is the result. The vacancy is filled only after a successful employment of the candidate


If necessary, we guarantee absolute confidentiality

Our guarantees

Conclusion of contract

We conclude the Contract for the provision of recruitment services

Target search

We start searching only if we are sure of the results

Money back guarantee

In case we do not find specialists meeting the requirements of your application, we refund the full amount of the advance payment.

Free replacement

If you choose our candidate, we carry the following warranty obligations within three to six months (by agreement, depending on the package): if the candidate fails to pass the probation period, we guarantee his/her one-time free replacement or 60% refund of the order amount.

A Candidate works for you

We don’t offer the Candidate we’ve provided other job positions during his/her employment period in your company.

Work process

  • search in agency database;
  • search using recommendations;
  • search using web-sites;
  • search using Universities;
  • search in Social Networks;
  • other methods;
  • We focus on the compliance of the Candidate’s professional and personal qualities with the requirements of the Client. Our agency studies the Candidate’s professional level and the following psychological characteristics: motivation, flexibility and ability to adapt to a team. Also, we are responsible for verifying reviews and recommendations

    Personnel selection begins with Contract signing and job vacancy analysis in the personnel market. If necessary, the description of the vacancy is corrected. Then, the candidate searching stage begins. After candidates search and review, we contact them to get more specific information about their CV and appoint an interview where we select those who most closely meet the Client’s requirements. We also prepare the final statement of candidate evaluation. Sometimes we need more serious methods of review, e.g. tests, business games and so on (specified individually in the contract)

    Assistance in organization of negotiations and meetings.

    Monitoring and consulting the Client when the Candidate is on a probation period.

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